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Preparatory action MEDIA International

The preparatory action MEDIA International aims to explore ways of
reinforcing cooperation between European and third-country professionals
from the audiovisual industry on a basis of mutual benefit. It also aims to
encourage a two-way flow of cinematographic/audiovisual works.

Voted a budget of €2 million by the European Parliament in December 2007 for
actions in 2008/2009, and a budget of €5 million by the European Parliament
in December 2008 for actions in 2009/2010, MEDIA International is planned to
operate for up to three years with a view to paving the way for a broader EU
support programme MEDIA Mundus for global cooperation in the audiovisual
industry sector. MEDIA International runs in parallel to the existing
seven-years MEDIA 2007 programme which supports the EU film industry.

MEDIA International

European Commission
DG INFSO, BU33 02/005
B-1049 Brussels

Tel:  +32 2 299 02 30
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Fax: +32 2 299 22 90
Email <infso-MEDIAinternational at ec.europa.eu>


MEDIA MUNDUSThe European Commission adopted a new MEDIA Mundus programme,
a broad international cooperation programme for the audiovisual industry to
strengthen cultural and commercial relations between Europe's film industry
and film-makers of third countries. Pending adoption of the MEDIA Mundus
programme by Council and European Parliament the EU would provide €15
million of funding from 2011-2013 for projects submitted by audiovisual
professionals from Europe and third countries. Cooperation with the European
film industry is in strong demand around the globe as shown by the initial
success of the MEDIA International Preparatory Action under which the EU
provided € 2 million of funding for 18 projects involving international

The new MEDIA Mundus programme would run from* 2011-2013 *and will
capitalise on this growing interest and the opportunities offered by global
cooperation of the audiovisual industry. It will increase consumer choice by
bringing more culturally diverse products to European and international
markets and will create new business opportunities for audiovisual
professionals from Europe and around the globe.

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