[FoME] Weltbank-Buch: "Broadcasting, Voice, and Accountability"

Christoph Dietz christoph.dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Mo Mai 5 08:44:41 CEST 2008

Steve Buckley, Kreszentia Duer, Toby Mendel, Sean o Siochru:
"Broadcasting, Voice, and Accountability: A Public Interest Approach to Policy, Law, and Regulation"
Washington DC: World Bank, April 2008, 399 p.


This "guide is intended as a tool for media reform particularly in developing and transitional democracies. At the same time, it should be useful anywhere people aspire to a deeper democracy. Building democracy is a process, often long-term, and promoting free, pluralistic, and independent media should be a central part of it." (introduction p.2/3)

This book provides guidelines, tools, and real world examples to help assess and reform the enabling environment for media development that serves public interest goals. It builds on a growing awareness of the role of media and voice in the promotion of transparent and accountable governance, in the empowerment of people to better exercise their rights and hold leaders to account; and in support of equitable development including improved livelihoods, health, and access to education. The book provides development practitioners with an overview of the key policy and regulatory issues involved in supporting freedom of information and expression and enabling independent public service media. Country examples illustrate how these norms have been institutionalized in various contexts.

1. Governance, Development and Media
2. Broadcasting Sectors and Types
3. Regional Broadcasting Characteristics and Trends
4. Guarantees of Freedom of Expression
5. Enabling Access to Information
6. Use and Misuse of Defamation Law
7. Content Rules and Limits to Free Speech
8. Regulation of Journalists
9. Regulation and the Government Role
10. Regulating Broadcast Content and Distribution
11. Public Service Broadcasting
12. Community Nonprofit Broadcasting
13. Commercial Private Sector Broadcasting
14. Epilogue: Research Agenda; Options for Development Assistance
15. Bibliographical Annex (122 Seiten, kommentiert)

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