[FoME] Looking for Partners for an EU Learning Partnership on Peace Journalism - until end of january 2008

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Do Jan 17 13:11:54 CET 2008

Hello from Austria,

I'm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andreas_Hermann_Landl

Maybe you know:

Alfred Hermann Fried (November 11, 1864 in Vienna, Austria- May 5,  
1921 in Vienna), was an Austrian Jewish pacifist, publicist, peace  
journalist, co-founder of the German peace movement, and founder of the

                                       International Union for Peace  

                                                        in 1908-10-11  
in Vienna

winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1911.


Fried created and wrote Die Waffen nieder! (Lay Down Your Arms), and in

1892 he and Bertha von Suttner began to print it in magazine format.  
In articles published within Die Waffen nieder! and its successor,
1899 Die Friedenswarte (The Peace Watch), he articulated his pacifist  
philosophy and as international correspondet for many media.

In 1901 he published in Berlin:

Unter der weißen Fahne - Aus der Mappe eine Friedensjournalisten.  
(File of A Peace Journalist)

During the First World War he lived in Switzerland. He worked for the  
Neue Züricher Zeitung (NZZ)and made NZZ to the best informed media  
during I. World War. He died in Vienna in 1921.

Die Grundlagen des revolutionären Pacifismus. Tübingen, Mohr, 1908.  
Translated into French by Jean Lagorgette as Les Bases du pacifisme:  
Le Pacifisme réformiste et le pacifisme «révolutionnaire». Paris,  
Pedone, 1909.
Die zweite Haager Konferenz: Ihre Arbeiten, ihre Ergebnisse, und ihre  
Bedeutung. Leipzig, Nachfolger [1908].


For this reasons I try
1 to raise funds and
2 organize an event in Vienna in october 2008
3 set up an EU Learning Partnership on Peace Journalism with reliabe  
Partners with a good international reputation

Deadline for the submission of applications is for:

Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig: Partnerships 15 February 2008

Please tell - as soon as posible - if your organisation is interested?

Freundliche Grüße

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