[FoME] EU Projekt-Funding, u.a. für Medienpluralismus

Friederike Gräper fgraeper at gmx.de
Mo Mai 7 13:11:00 CEST 2007

Liebe KollegInnen,

anbei Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten für NGOs (aus den 10 neuen
Mitgliedsstaaten oder mit Partnern aus diesen Staaten), die sich u.a. im
Bereich Zivilgesellschaft, Transparenz (des Rechtssystems, der Polizei)
und Medienpluralismus spezialisiert haben.

Beste Grüsse

Friederike Gräper


European Commission DG Justice and Home Affairs - Actions in support of
civil society in the new EU Member States
Application deadline: May 15, 2007

This programme supports local non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
activities in order to facilitate the development of the EU's
information and education capacity within the ten new Member States. It
will further promote dialogue, co-operation and synergies between the
Union and civil society in the Member States. 

NGOs and other civil society bodies play an important role in promoting
and protecting fundamental rights throughout the European Union and in
helping people to get to know their rights and to exercise them fully.
Supporting civil society and promoting networking is therefore

Objectives : 
- To raise the awareness of the public in the ten Member States on the
important role of monitoring and information activities, by means of
sustainable and effective mechanisms
- To raise the awareness of the necessity of public and private
contributions in support of civil society 
- To enhance the capacity of civil society to influence policy
developments at regional, national and European Union level, as well as
to raise their capacity to assist the victims of fundamental rights'
- To facilitate co-operation and coalition building among NGOs
throughout the European Union and to set up links and partnerships
between NGOs in all the Member States. 

The areas concerned are: regular and fair elections, clear separation of
powers, exercise of legislative power fully respectful of fundamental
rights, an independent judiciary with effective and easily accessible
judicial remedies ensuring equality before the law, a prison system
respectful of human dignity, a police force respectful of fundamental
rights, transparency, media pluralism,

Applicants are: 
- NGOs in the ten Member States which acceded to the EU on 1 May 2004
- NGOs in EU Member States, other than the ten, may participate in
initiatives which aim at building or improving the capacity of NGOs in
one or several of the ten Member States. The project leading
organisation has to be from one of the ten new Member States
- Third countries - including candidate countries - are not allowed to
be involved in this action.

Community support will not exceed 80% of the total costs. The minimum
amount of funding will be EUR 50.000 and maximum EUR 150.000.

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