[FoME] World Bank Forum on Mainstreaming Communication for Development

Christoph Dietz christoph.dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Fr Sep 29 15:38:49 CEST 2006

Weltbank, FAO, Communication Initiative u.a. veranstalten vom 25. bis
27. Oktober den World Congress on Communication for Development (WCCD)
in Rom: http://www.devcomm-congress.org/worldbank/macro/2.asp.

Zur Vorbereitung liegt jetzt das Grundlagenpapier "Communication for
Development: Making the Case" vor, das in einer Online-Diskussion bis
12. Oktober diskutiert werden soll.

>>> <wccd at worldbank.org> 28.09.2006 >>>

Welcome to WCCD's forum on Mainstreaming Communication for

Beginning on Monday, October 2, 2006, you will be able to discuss
Mainstreaming Communication for Development on-line with practitioners,
scholars, and policymakers, providing you with the opportunity to voice
your opinions and enrich discussions with your unique point of view.

Mainstreaming Communication for Development denotes the systematic and
professional adoption of Communication for Development in national
policies (as a way of ensuring dialogue and transparency in all
initiatives), in international and national institutions (by
strengthening units with a clear mandate) and in daily practices
(adopting communication as an analytical tool to assess risk and
opportunities at the beginning of the project cycle).

You will be able to access the WCCD forum through the WCCD website,
<http://forum.devcomm-congress.org/>  If you want to post an item,
you will need to sign in with your user ID and Password or register at
the following link:

The schedule for the on-line discussions will be:

September 28 * October 12, 2006 * Mainstreaming Communication for
The e-forum is divided in two parts and will focus on two topics
developed in the study: "Communication for Development: Making the

The e-forum will be composed of two rooms, both moderated by WCCD

	*	"Communication for Development: Making the Case"  
	*	"Policy and Institutional Recommendations"  

The first room explores the content of the study. The main part of the
study provides an overview of Communication for Development, its
theories and practices, and evidence of its value in sectors
highlighted during the Congress. The paper has been prepared by a group
international scholars/practitioners under the guidance of the WCCD
Secretariat and contains feedback from various individuals of other
organizations involved in the organization of the Congress.

The second room is where individuals will consult on a set of
recommendations and proposals on mainstreaming Communication for
Development.  These recommendations will be presented and discussed by a
group of policy-makers at the conclusion of the WCCD.  Background
documents and guiding questions will stimulate the opening discussion
and create a dialogue between policy-makers and partipants. 

The study: "Communication for Development: Making the Case" and
other background documents will be available on-line.

Once we have completed our on-line discussion, we will revise the
recommendations to reflect our conclusions.  This synopsis will serve as
the basis of discussion for the policy-makers forum at the end of the

The WCCD Forum has been specifically designed to be user-friendly and
easily accessible. Should you face any technical problems in
participating in the on-line discussions, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

We are keen to hear your perspectives and hope that you can all
participate in the online discussions. 


The WCCD Secretariat

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