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Liebe FoME-Kolleginnen und Kollegen, 

soeben ist eine Publikation erschienen, die m.E. einen guten Einstieg
in die internationale Disukussion zur Medien-Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
ermöglicht. Sie steht auch zum Download bereit (allerdings 8,24 MB):

Media Matters: Perspectives on Advancing Governance & Development from
the Global Forum for Media Development.
Internews Europe, Oktober 2006, 222 S.

"it is not easy to create the conditions for the independent media
sector to remain autonomous from government and corporate interference
and relevant to the growing needs of their audiences. It is even more of
a challenge to document the positive impact that healthy media systems
are making on progress towards the 2015 international development
targets, the Millenium Development Goals. The publication 'Media
Matters' represents a significant achievement in both of these areas.
Blending arguments from leading academics with the experiences of media
assistance professionals, it presents a cogent case for weaving media
and communications assistance into the very fabric of development
policy" (Alpha Oumar Konaré, Chairperson Africa Union, Foreword p.6).

"Media Matters has four key aims:
1. To help development policy makers and practitioners understand the
relevance of vibrant, independent media systems to their wider goals;
2. To highlight work on the evidence of the relationship between media,
communications and the development agenda; 
3. To flag key global and regional trends and opportunities in media
4. To map the media assistance sector, ist growing body of literature,
and the emerging international research partnerships that will help
define its priorities to 2015." (Executive Summary S.8)

Insgesamt gibt es 32 Beiträge zu den folgenden Themenbereichen:

Section I:   Why Media Matters: Global Perspectives
Section II:  How Media Matters: Measuring its Impact
Section III: Challenges in Media Matters: Practitioner Experiences
Section IV: Mapping the Sector: Literature, Surveys & Resources

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