[atp-news] World Bank plans to double lending to India

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Liebe ATPlerInnen,
hier ein Beitrag zur Kreditvergabe für Indien, der über die AKD zu uns kam.
Gruß, Petra

> from World Bank Press Review, June 28, 2008
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> World Bank Plans To Double Credit To India To $3 Billion By 2006
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> The World Bank plans to double lending to India to nearly $3 billion by
> 2006, especially for infrastructure, education and health, reports Dow
> Jones (06/26).
> "We will substantially expand our support," said Praful Patel, the World
> Bank's vice president for South Asia. "A large part of this expansion will
> be in the form of advisory work, but the increase will also involve more
> national level lending compared to recent years." India is already the
> largest recipient of low-cost credit from the World Bank. The multilateral
> agency, which is preparing its assistance strategy for India, plans to set
> a $3 billion cap for lending to India during 2005-2008.
> Michael Carter, the World Bank's country head for India, said that limit
> is expected to be reached during the financial year starting June 2005.
> The World Bank is lending India $1.5 billion in the current financial year
> ending June 30. Carter also said the bank is unlikely to continue
> providing budgetary support to southern Andhra Pradesh state where the new
> regional government has announced it will supply free power to farmers.
> The World Bank lent $220 million to Andhra Pradesh in February before the
> previous pro-reform regional government was ousted in last month's state
> elections.
> The Press Trust of India Limited (06/25) adds Carter said the Bank would
> like to focus on relatively poorer states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh,
> Orissa and Jharkhand. Karnataka and Orissa are expected to get structural
> adjustment loans, he said, adding Andhra Pradesh has been provided with
> $220 million a few months ago. The Bank estimates that states would
> require $500 - $900 million a year, while a bulk would go towards funding
> infrastructure, social sector projects, especially education and health.
> It was also considering several loans for projects in power, railways,
> roads and urban development. It would stress on strengthening the enabling
> environment for development and growth by improving effectiveness of
> government-sponsored programs, fostering private sector led growth and
> promoting health and education.
> The Hindu (India, 06/26) notes Patel said the World Bank's Country
> Assistance Strategy was consistent with the Government's Common Minimum
> Programme. He explained that the new CAS was actually a draft that would
> incorporate suggestions from institutions, organizations and even members
> of the public. The first draft would be on the official website of the
> World Bank till July 14 and the Bank would welcome comments from
> interested members of the public. Patel also underlined three strategic
> principles which would underpin the Bank group's work. The first would
> focus on outcomes to ensure that all of the work was explicitly geared
> towards supporting India's achievement of its development goals; on
> selectivity to target limited resources to activities where assistance was
> welcomed and could be most effective; and to substantially expand the role
> of the Bank as a knowledge provider and
> generator.
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